A Dream Shared about the New Earth

A lot of my QHHT clients come with a long list of questions to ask their higher self during the hypnosis part of the session. One question that is very often asked is about the planet earth shifting into 5D (or the “New Earth”) and how it will happen. I understand there is a lot of information and theories about it out there, with some information unfortunately creating quite some fear or anxiety, such that some people ask me “what about our loved ones, will they shift with us?”

When I am asked about it, before the actual hypnosis part of the session, my reply is now always the same: (despite hearing many answers by clients’ higher selves) I haven’t got any specific answer to give you about it, but I believe in the divine love and care for all; I believe in walking in a full loving heart and reverence for the whole, for the earth’s beauty and its natural gift, I believe in being kind and helpful—for me, we are all one and we are all responsible and part of it; the natural evolution of consciousness on earth with the lows and the highs, but, yes, I believe we are shifting for the best of all, despite the gloom that seems to still prevail and that can stir us up. But the answers you will get will be for you, and if you feel it is important to share them, do so, but with love and care.

I have asked my lovely client, Vincent, who regularly shares his dreams with me, if I could also share here a particular one he had a few weeks ago. Simply so that it might speak to you or it might sparkle your curiosity to find out more for yourself, in whatever way fits your spiritual journey. I do agree with him when he mentioned not going into much of the specifics and first of all to enjoy our human experience as a spiritual being; something I am particularly keen for my clients to experience.

His dream follows below.

Many blessings to all

Myriam xx

Vincent’s dream

During the night of the 7th to 8th of August, I had a dream in which I was explained the current status of the shift of collective consciousness, i.e. the new earth: I was sitting at an architect table and talking to someone who was going through various very well drawn plans and maps. He/she showed me a particular one. The plans were drawn on brown paper with gold scriptures that were moving as if alive. I have drawn it in black and white to illustrate this post.

Before I delve into the explanation of the drawing, I must say that I often have those dreams in which information is given to me and it is not unusual for me to see myself and others in non-human forms in those dreams. However when such information is given I never see the face of my interlocutor but the live golden scripture are always here. I once requested to see my life contract and it was shown to me in the exact same format, although this time and much to my frustration, I could not comprehend any of the writings.

As I have had those dreams for years I am very grounded about them and do not take them as gospel. However, I have been encouraged to share them so here goes: the sphere on top is our current planet, hosting a mix of 3D and 4D consciousness. A series of minor events (the Xs, I was not told what they precisely were) will happen and the planet will lose its negative polarity (the inverted lines between the two spheres of the same size) and only host 3D consciousness (the below sphere).

“What about 4D and 5D?” I enquired. I was told that a major event (the big X mark) will mean the relocation of 3D (the ones ready/willing to ascend) and 4D consciousness to another different planet earth with 5D also possible on it. It is a smaller planet and contradicts what I did see during a QHHT session done earlier in the year but I guess timelines are always changing and so is the collective consciousness!

The New Earth

I shared this dream with a man called Todd Deviney (he can be found on Youtube and has a lot of QHHT sessions  about the new earth) and before I knew it, he mentioned my dream in the QHHT session he had the day after. The answer from his guides is in the following 5min video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXh4czJau0Q

The information slightly differs from the dream I had and I was later told in a meditative state that the collective consciousness keeps shifting so there are as many plans as we decide as a collective. Consequently, what I saw was already different from what Todd would see two days later. Ultimately, the gist is to not get too hung up on the specifics and rather enjoy our true spiritual nature and the ascension will follow, as we have already decided that it will happen in our current timeline.

With light to all. Vincent