A Gentle Goodbye to Dad…

In that last August, my dad passed away peacefully, at the hospital. I would like to humbly share this experience with you, as it might help (even a little) some of you with the passing of one of your parents or loved ones.

All the close family came to visit my dad at the hospital and some stayed with him during the two weeks before his death. His guardian angel was also there, his parents, some ancestors and his wife (my mum who passed away eighteen years ago).

As I am still gently going through this transition in my life. I felt it was important to share with you what I witnessed and the messages I was given as I sat every afternoon next to my dad. Maybe I should say here that my dad was quite a down to earth person, more practical than intellectual. He was generous and sensitive but he also found it difficult to share his emotions (he recognised it himself). He had a classic catholic-ish French upbringing and I suspect  he sometimes prayed.

He was already drifting between two worlds when we arrived at the hospital on the first day of our visit. After an hour with him, I was given to see his guardian angel, right beside him. He was a tall angel, with fairly dark skin and long dark wavy hair. He wore some type of brownish ornaments. He sort of looked like the idea I have of an indigenous Hawaiian man. He also had two thin, very long feathers in his back. I was quite startled as I have never seen my dad’s guardian angel before. The feelings that the angel gave to the room were of deep care, love and warmth; all this with a lot of smiles. He told me as I asked him questions that my dad was under good care; that he was looking after everything for him, as he always did; that it has been sometimes difficult to look after him in the past, because of my dad’s free will… He also told me to stay attentive to what is and will be happening around my dad and around the room, during the next few days. And of course he confirmed to me that my dad was going to pass away this time (he almost did at Easter).

The next day, his guardian angel welcomed me (as every day after that) and after a little dialogue with him, he told me to be very attentive again and to look at my dad’s body carefully.  As I scan my dad’s energetic body, a sudden turquoise light appeared, just above his body.  Then little angelic beings of light appeared too, some not bigger than a hummingbird or even a butterfly. They somehow hooked on the turquoise light and started to sent it in all direction around and in my dad’s physical body, but also a few inches off his body. I was told by the angel that the little beings were reconnecting his energy channels or currents, he shared with me that nobody can effectively pass to the other side with a very defective energetic body, because we do take this energy print with us when we move on (and leave the matter behind). He also told me that it is always so good to look after our body energetic channels while still alive and vibrant on this earth (of which of course I am well aware, but it did give me a boost in organising more workshops around that subject).

So for two and a half days, I witnessed those little beings of light doing their work, very precisely and very gently. I was also given to know recently that the turquoise colour is the colour of the sixth dimension… When this work was complete, a turquoise mist was held above his body for him to breath it in, which my dad did to my happy surprise with a gentle snort type noise! (he did that in his semi coma—I never told him about this light as I was instructed, I only briefly shared with him that his loving guardian angel was in the room with him and that I could see him). I just want to say here that I have seen this misty cloud (but not turquoise…) a few times while facilitating an energetic healing on client. I was never given any detailed explanation for it, except that it was similar or even identical to the misty cloud that it is talked about in some religious books—some referring to it as the Holy Spirit…

By that time (just a few days now before his passing), ancestors started to come in the room, some just for a quick visit to show him love; his wife came and stayed the longest, as I knew she would,  until the end (she appeared to me around Easter to let me know that she was taking care of his passage to the other side).

On his last but one day before his passing, I was taken by surprise in seeing my dad’s head/face just above his body looking at me. It was a bit weird to say the least as he also had his “normal” face resting on a pillow. This vision was smiling, just the way he used to. After a while the most beautiful golden ball appeared above his belly replacing this strange vision of him. This golden ball was shimmering light, it was intense, bright and so vibrant—I can’t describe it any other way, it was so beautiful. I have seen this ball many times in my work with clients, but to see it suddenly at my dad’s side, I felt very blessed and I thanked my dad and Spirit for letting me witness it. I was then told I was looking at his Higher Self.

His Higher Self told me that now the time has come, my dad was fully ready (accepting) and he would depart very soon. So I said my goodbyes to him.

Strangely the next day (he was still alive), I decided not to go to the hospital but instead to have a walk in the forest with my husband;  part of me wanted to go to the hospital but I also very much wanted  to go into the pine wood forest, just outside my dad’s home. My dad loved those woods and used to collect mushrooms for many years. And yes, as I was walking in silence, my dad joined us for a while, breathing in, smelling the trees and walking freely with us (he had great difficulty to walk in the last year). He did pass away that night.

It is very much a personal experience, but it felt important and loving to share it with you, somehow I know my dad pushed me to do so… So all my blessings to you and remember we all have a guardian angel (+ other angelic helpers on our journey) who are so keen to help us; we only need to ask.

Light + healing

Myriam x