Energy Healing Session

I facilitate a 1+ hour healing session in person or at distance.

In the process of an energy healing session, we will first connect with the divine Light and mother Earth healing energy.

I then start the healing session with the reading of your energies, in particular your chakras. As I scan them, I receive information about unbalances, sometimes past traumas or events, or emotional patterns that are still held in your subtle anatomy (see the page about chakras). Following this reading and with a methodical approach, I work on re-balancing your subtle energies and chakras to support your innate mechanism of self-healing.

I follow a precise map of the body’s energy system—mainly the primary and secondary chakras, the nadis (energy channels) and the subtle bodies. My practice is based in the wisdom of ancient healing techniques but also in more contemporary ones. I also rely on my intuition, inner vision and my connection to my celestial guides.

For a healing session, you keep your clothes on (if you have a few layers of clothing, I might ask you to take off one layer). I place my hands more or less a few inches above the body (sometimes touching certain body points) to channel healing light to specific areas, using precise gestures. I also often use healing crystals that I place on and around your body, for assistance.

I create a space where you are totally safe and nurtured.  I am simply a conduit for the healing Light that is always available to us. Practiced with a clear heart and a compassionate intention,  an energy healing session is always of a sacred nature as it works with the beautiful universal  laws of Life.

Notice that if you find past life regression a bit too overwhelming, this energy healing session will automatically tackle some past life traumas or events.

Healing at a Distance

I also offer energy healing sessions at a distance. We first have a brief conversation by phone or Skype in which we can also organize a time and day for the distant healing to take place. If I haven’t met you before in person, I might need a photo.

On the day of the session, I create a sacred space, inwardly and outwardly.  Like a session in person, I connect with the divine Light and mother Earth healing energy, following my inner guidance and noticing information that might come through. I then proceed with the treatment, exactly as if you were positioned close to me.

Next I’ll send you via email a written report of what came through during the session or we can arrange a chat by phone or Skype, to review the session together if you wish.

Distant healing has been felt to be as helpful and efficient as a healing session in person. There is no space separation when we work on an energy level.

Please note: I facilitate an intuitive healing session with care and respect where transformation and self-healing is gently encouraged and safely supported. I don’t offer medical advice or make any diagnoses; it is not my skill or my place.

Please see energy healing  and a rough guide to chakras for more information about energy and chakras.