Energy Healing

Energy healing refers to the energy system in the body, which includes energy centres connected to different parts of the body, also known as Chakras. There are 12 main chakras: 7 directly linked to the body, from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head; others situated below the feet and above the head. The chakras are not physical; they receive feeding energy from the Universe above and the Earth below and also make our energy field (aura). They are the bridge between the physical body and our consciousness (intuition, perception of self, awareness). In fact they represent aspects of our consciousness. They hold all the information about us: our belief and thought patterns, our family lineage, our past experiences, past lives, culture, etc., often creating blockages or weaknesses in our energy flow. See a rough guide to chakras for more information.

Those blockages are shown in the chakras; they always reflect where you are with your life and what is happening for you. In this respect rebalancing and clearing the chakras is very important so that the life energy can freely flow.

It is reasonable to say that we are pure energy beings, in fact beings made of the same One energy that is all around us—a big, infinite energy field.  There is really nothing outside of us as there is no “outside”.  Everything we experience is part of that infinite energy field, you and me are part of it as everything and everyone else; it is the Whole. In fact the term “healing” could be described as the process of returning to Wholeness and finding balance again at all levels.

Unfortunately we tend to believe, even unconsciously, that we are limited beings, vulnerable and separated from the Whole. As it is not who we are, this belief of separation can really only create tension and sometimes even suffering in our being, thus re-enforcing the illusion of it.  This tension, translating in many thoughts patterns and behaviours, will first move to our chakras and energy field to eventually be expressed in our physical body; hence the importance to work on the chakras and energy field first.

Why am I so unhappy? Do I deserve love? I am not worthy. I feel blocked in my creativity.  I can’t stand that situation/work/him/her anymore. I can’t speak in public etc… All create tension in the consciousness, showing up in the energy field then later in the body. A symptom, be it physical or emotional, is a level of communication about something that needs to change in the way that the person thinks, even on a subconscious level. Our body, being the vehicle of our consciousness, will eventually communicate by speaking its own language.

So when we work on the chakras something will first happen in our energetic field. A shift might occur catalysing a change, not only in our energy field but also in our consciousness; thoughts and beliefs will change too. The tension stops existing and symptoms can disappear.

I believe that cleansing and re-balancing regularly the energy field and chakras positively affect our lives. When the chakras are healthy, they look after all aspects of our life, by keeping our energy field’s vibration right. The way we think about ourselves changes and life becomes more abundant. By the law of attraction, healthy vibrations will attract healthy experiences.

Consciousness – Energy field – Physical body: When you work on the energy field, you affect the consciousness on one side and the physical body on the other side.

In an energy healing session, I am simply what I call an intuitive healing coach. I tune into my inner visions, my intuition and connect with my angelic guides. I call upon the divine Light and the healing energy of mother Earth to proceed with the healing. The flow of healing spreads on its own accord to where it sees it is needed. The loving divine Light and Mother Earth are doing the work, cleansing and rebalancing your energy and rebooting your self-healing mechanism and abilities.

I am dedicated to create a safe and gentle space, where you feel totally at ease and in trust. In a session, I move my hands above your body, sensing and receiving information about your chakras, and simply acting as a conduct/channel for the healing when I am guided to. I also share with you, usually at the end of the session, my perceptions of what I received.

Earth loving and caring energy is in us, always. As humans we can’t be separated from her as we are made of her; she sustains our body in a multitude of ways, endlessly giving us her love. I very often call upon her loving presence and I feel blessed and delighted that she guides me in each of my sessions, often bringing helpful information.

The divine Light is always with us, it is who we truly are. It is our connection to Source, the One consciousness, God, the One Universe or whatever name you might prefer. I call it the divine Light, because it appears to me this way, often sparkling white, very, very bright and unconditionally loving.

I offer a 1 hour Intuitive Energy Healing session and also incorporate an intuitive healing session with a past life regression in a Soul Unity Regression session.