Being a New born baby… and Feeling Welcomed

Being Like a New Born Baby

My lovely client, Emily, allowed me to share with you some little parts of her regression.

After spending some time during the regression in a state of pure consciousness and feeling amazing “somewhere” with the Light, she felt she had to go back into a physical body of some sort. This time it was a human body as a girl.  She said she really didn’t want to go, but also she knew it was necessary so she could learn more about herself; it was simply part of the experience of Being. She even tried to negotiate (with the heavens) but she finally agreed as she knew that her mission was to go to Earth.

In fact she “arrived” in this new born baby as Emily, in her present life time (this can sometimes happen). She first described herself filled with light and formed as a little energy ball. She explained she chose her mother on the basis of “being comfortable with her”. She found this process very easy.

As an energy ball filled with light, she worked together with her new mother, feeding her energy to create the little body, going back and forth to the Light. Also she found herself moving to the top (through her mother’s head) and down (through the “roots”), left and right from her mother’s energy to “positively balance her (mother) energy field”.

Once a born baby, Emily (still as an energy ball) felt that she now belongs to this little body completely. She could still very much see the light all around her body and she clearly felt that while being a baby she could teach, protect and help…

In her present life, Emily never felt “welcomed”. Revisiting being a new born, she could look up to the three “big persons” watching over her. She felt they were very happy, welcoming and kind. They smiled, laughed and loved her. She said: “they think I am responding to them but I am still connected to the light… in fact I watch the light on top of their head, going through them and their smiles… they think I am connecting with them but I connect with the light!”…

Myriam x