Flower Essence Remedies

Flower Essences are part of complementary vibrational medicine, like homeopathy or acupuncture, and are one of the best and most effective healing modalities to balance or treat our emotional, mental and spiritual well being.

A Flower Essence Remedy is simply made; the healing vibratory signature or life force of the plant is transferred into water (not to be confused with essential oils) using the sun’s rays as the catalyser. Each Flower Essence healing property corresponds to a specific emotion or state of mind.

They help to balance, restore and clear blockages in the subtle bodies, the chakras and the meridians, by flooding us with their healing vibration. In response, we become more open and receptive to our innate higher nature; flower remedies bring to light the positive qualities within us so we can shade away our old patterns and beliefs. We feel lighter, more at peace and more positive. When emotional balance is restored, true healing on all levels can occur.

They are self adjusting, meaning that they will only help you with what you are willing to let go. They have been shown to produce amazing results with anxieties, fears, grief, resentment, worries, old traumas, guilt, jealousy, ancestral beliefs, family patterns, life changes and much more; and they can also quickly bring comfort in times of recent distress or trauma. Flower Essences are very subtle and gentle and yet they are able to bring significant healing and spiritual development.

Flower Essence Remedies can be used at any age, they are totally safe with no side effects. Their remarkable healing effects can be felt within days and sometimes even hours, especially with emergency remedies. A treatment, however, is given for 5 to 6 weeks, to be renewed if necessary. Flower essences usually work quickly with children.

In my practice I use Flower Essences made from wild and organic plants, from different locations all around the world. I trust the makers for their integrity and their great love for the healing gifts of the flowers.

With a Flower Essence Consultation (an option with an energy healing session) I will craft a personalised Flower remedy for you, which might include a mix of up to 5 different essences, depending on the issues you’d like to treat now. The remedy, preserved in organic cognac or maple syrup, if taken regularly will last around 5 to 6 weeks.

You will soon also be able to visit my website Onatah Floral Alchemy for ready made blends that support more general emotional healing.