Flower Essence Remedy Consultation

In a Flower Essence Remedy Consultation , we will spend an hour or so (less for children) mainly talking about what is going on in your life, your emotional state and your spiritual journey.

Then I will select some Flower Remedies which I think will most help you at this time; we can also if you wish to  review and choose them together.  Sometimes I might also use muscle testing—a simple, inoffensive method to see if a remedy is right for you or not, especially when deep ancestral or past life patterns appear to be affecting you.

Children/Teenagers consultations are 30 to 40 minutes. One parent (or another trusted adult if necessary) will need to be with children younger than 16 years old during the consultation.

Note: As I keep all my Flower Essence single remedies at my house for now, I’ll make your personalised remedy blend once I am back home, with the chosen flower essences, and I’ll send them to you that same day or by the next morning at the latest.

Your personalised blend of flower remedies is kept in organic cognac or organic maple syrup (for children) for preservation.  An adult’s bottle is 30ml, children’s bottle is 20ml and lasts around 6 weeks. They are usually taken under the tongue or in a glass of water, and can be rubbed on the skin or added to a bath.