Frequently Asked Questions

Please, feel free to send your questions via the contact page, if not answered here.

If you don’t believe in past lives, it is absolutely OK and if you prefer we can simply call it stories held in your memories. Some of these stories you will see may not be literally true, but they are emotionally and mentally true, being played over and over in your subconscious. Either way, you will always be guided by your inner wisdom or higher Self to show you what you need to know for healing your present life.
I never know what you will “see” but what I am sure of is that you will see something that will help you on your present life journey. Some of my clients experience in their session what we call a “state of consciousness”; in fact I witness this more and more often in the session.
Some clients remember everything (but it often appears that they forget bits and pieces as time goes by), and others do remember parts of their regression session, like we often do with night dreams.  I will give you a recording of your session, to listen to as often as you need.
My primary concern is to always ensure the well being of the client. You will always be shown what you need to know; your inner wisdom will always guide you to the most appropriate place for your self-healing. I will gently facilitate this process for you to safely re-visit a past life, a story, or an experience that holds the information needed.
A Soul Unity Regression and a QHHT session will give you information and guidance you potentially need for your next step in life. One single regression is very often just enough.

Once you experienced an Intuitive Energy Healing, you might want to book other regular energy healing sessions for a while. The need varies from client to client.

I understand the desire for you to have someone close to you during the session. Your friend or spouse can accompany you to the room, however they won’t be allowed to stay during the entire time of either regression session. It is critical that you feel able to share your issues with me in a totally confidential space.
Anyone can be hypnotised. Hypnosis is in fact a very natural state that we experience in our everyday life.  I work with the Theta level of hypnosis.  We experience the Theta waves naturally just as we wake up or just before we fall into deep sleep. At this level one can reach experiences and information deeply anchored in our subconscious. All I need from you is an open mind. I guide and facilitate the session for you, but you are the one deciding to let go into this transformative experience.
From my experience, I can say that if you only have a passing curiosity about what you might have been in another life, you might be disappointed by the regression. A past life regression looks at issues that need healing. If you wish not to look at those issues you indeed might not understand the regression and leave frustrated.

And, if you are currently a heavy user of recreational drugs, I would advise you to see a health therapist appropriate to your condition and advise against a regression session.

You can receive an Intuitive Energy Healing session on its own, lasting 1+  hour (go to the page) or you can experience it as being part of the Soul Unity Regression (go to the page).

At the beginning of each session, I connect with the healing energy of Mother Earth and the divine Light, bringing forward your intention for healing. You might remain lying down on a sofa or you might feel like sitting or even standing up some part of the time. Sometimes I am guided to use crystals or move my hands a few inches above and around your body. I often receive inner information or visions to guide me in this process which I also share with you.

Regression sessions (Soul Unity regression or QHHT) are only held in person. I am with you, next to you, assisting and supporting you during the whole session.

The Intuitive Energy Healing session can be done at distance. We will have a talk before and after the session, by Skype or phone.

I am assisting and supporting your self-healing by connecting to the energy of the divine Light and mother Earth’s loving healing energy. I also use my intuitive self to guide me during the healing. I am dedicated to creating a safe space and optimal environement for your self-healing.

But as with all alternative or conventional medicines or techniques, results can’t be guaranteed. Changing a life time of habits, thoughts and beliefs needs commitment. In a regression and/or a healing session, positive changes might occur spontaneously, but you still need to have the willingness to act positively to re-align yourself and be empowered.

I do not offer medical advice or make any diagnoses; it is not my skill or my place.

1) For a regression session, I will ask you, when you make a booking, to come on the day with some questions on which you want to receive guidance from your inner/higher self.

2) Try to relax and try to keep an open mind in letting go of some of your limited thoughts and beliefs, about healing specially. Also, try to set your intentions as clearly as possible; it is an opportunity you are giving yourself, so it is important to start trusting this inner process as much as you can.

3) If possible, try not to drink coffee at all (or too many!) in the morning or day of your session.

4) Please, don’t take any recreational substances or drugs on the day.

I usually have a meeting with you, if possible, or a chat by phone or Skype. I tune in, in your presence if we are together, and with a photo of you (if it is a gift, a photo is sufficient).

The next step is the start of the painting, in my own home or studio. It is really a magical process for me too, to be witnessing your beautiful essence, or at least part of it! During the painting process, more information usually comes so the painting might take a few more extra weeks to be complete.