Intuitive Energy Healing Session

I facilitate a 1+ hour intuitive healing session in person or at distance.

In the process of an intuitive healing session, we will connect with the divine Light, mother Earth healing energy and your intention for your well being. I will also tune into my intuitive self, my inner guidance and vision to assist in this healing process.

In truth, the divine Light and the healing energy of mother Earth are already available to you as it is part of who you are.  I only act as a channel, it is the divine Light and mother Earth’s energy which is at work here.

In an energy healing session, I support your innate mechanism of self-healing by simply assisting the re-balancing of your energetic field and chakras and by receiving information (I do a reading) that might resonate with you and be helpful for your healing. This information can be very simple or sometimes can even be about some of your past lives events. I might be guided to place my hand a few inches above the body to channel the healing to specific areas. I am sometimes also guided to use a few crystals.

We will start with a short talk where I will briefly share with you my perception of how energy works. Next, you will lie down (you might prefer to sit) and relax to receive the energy healing. Being by your side I will call upon the divine Light and mother Earth energy to proceed with the healing session. I will share any information I recieve about your chakras/energy field with you . My role is also to be a witness (and sharing it) to the healing in process.

After the session we take time to review. This part is important as it often opens to more healing, clarity and understanding of your path.

I have also created this intuitive energy healing session for clients who might find the idea of past life regression a bit too overwhelming and shy away from it. You might not always be aware of blockages related to past life events or traumas, but the healing session will tackle them as needed.

Intuitive Healing at a Distance

I also propose intuitive energy healing sessions at distance. I first hold a brief consultation by phone or Skype with you  and we organise a time and day to hold a 1+ hour intuitive energy healing for you. You do not physically attend this (neither by Skype nor phone).

On the day of the session, I create a sacred space, inwardly and outwardly, in my home or my practice room.  Like a session in person, I connect with the divine Light and mother Earth healing energy, following my inner guidance and noticing information that might come through.

Next we’ll arrange a chat by phone or Skype, to review the session together.

Distant healing has been felt to be as helpful and efficient as a healing session in person. There is no space separation when we work on an energy level.

Please note: I facilitate an intuitive healing session with care and respect where transformation and self-healing is gently encouraged and safely supported. I don’t offer medical advice or make any diagnoses; it is not my skill or my place.

Please see energy healing  and a rough guide to chakras for more information about energy and chakras.