My Journey

I have created Soul Unity Healing, a place dedicated to support and assist you on your self-healing and spiritual journey. I am happy to share with you all that I have learnt on my own path, using unique hypnosis regression techniques and my inner connections. My aim is for you to find inner and outer balance again with a glorious re-connection with your soul’s essence and purpose.

I trained 2 years ago and still practice now a unique past life regression called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), developed by the late Dolores Cannon. I also have created my own regression method mainly drawing on QHHT but also on the regression technique of Brian Weiss, another great and renowned past life regression therapist. I am a certified Level 2 QHHT Practitioner and a member of the Past Life Therapists Association, and can offer sessions in English or French.

I decided to train as a past life therapist after experiencing a spontaneous past life regression. This had a great positive impact on my life and gave me completely new directions to focus on.  I knew from that experience that by exploring past lives, or, if you prefer, “stories”, we could heal our present life.

At that time, I had recurrent back pain for nearly a year. Nothing would totally ease the pain and one particular night, it was really bad. It was impossible to settle to sleep, so I desperately asked for guidance. I then suddenly “saw” a middle-aged man in his medieval castle, wearing all sorts of (painful) belts to hold his broken back. I knew that man had fallen from his horse. I could “feel” the emotions and confusion this man was holding in, about his relationships and about his whole life. Because I was so intimate with the feelings, I realised that I might have been looking at one of my past incarnations. As soon as this vision ended (I guess it lasted 20 to 30 minutes but time seemed to vanish) my back was pain free and, after many years, it still is!

This experience seemed to have opened the gate to more healing for me, mainly as more spontaneous past life regressions, and a deeper spiritual awareness. Since I can remember, I have always been very sensitive to the energy around, not really knowing what it was, especially as a child. I was often denying this sensitivity, often with fear of being rejected. So in the last few years, I learnt to trust my inner visions and intuition, respecting and seeing my spiritual connections as a beautiful gift from the divine! I also started to channel my spiritual guides and I became more aware of the great importance of healing our chakras and energy field to find real balance in life. Following my inner guidance I then created a simple and gentle Intuitive Energy Healing session to help my clients on their self- healing path.

Having facilitated many past life regressions in my QHHT practice, I also wanted to offer an intuitive healing session as part of a regression. To do that, I created a shorter version of QHHT with an energy chakras healing added at the end; a regression session that I named Soul Unity Regression.

Combining my other passion for painting with my intuitive self, I now also offer what I call a Soul Portrait, a little piece of art intuitively created to reflect the beautiful essence of who you are. Indeed, a Soul Portrait can really help you to connect to your higher wisdom and to blossom! If you would like to see my personal art gallery click here.

Meditation, painting and connecting regularly with the beautiful nature around us is, for me, a wonderful way to feel resourced. Five years ago, living in the high mountains in France, I had a strong spiritual experience that connected me forever to the love of mother Earth! Since that time, I tune in to her healing energy and wisdom words regularly for help in my life and work. I know that mother Earth’s beautiful healing energy always supports our self-healing and She is always part of an Intuitive Energy Healing session.

I am dedicated to supporting you in making positive changes in your life, assisting you on your path to well being. The information you read on this web site is solely a sum of experiences and learning on my own life journey, with its perception and understanding.  I offer my spiritual perspectives, using my intuitive abilities and the tool of regression as my gift to help you to reconnect with your inner wisdom, your well being and your soul’s purpose.

Light, love + healing


portrait photo by Lucas Adamson