Past Life Regression

Past life regression is a gentle and yet very transformative tool, enabling us to gain clarity, understanding and potential healing for our present life. Recalling past life events from our subconscious can have a therapeutic effect on issues we may be struggling with.

Clients often come to me with a need and desire to heal emotional blockages,  physical ailments or discomfort, or a lack of guidance, to name a few.  These issues can correlate to past life experiences. I am offering two types of session—Soul Unity and QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, see Official QHHT site for more information). Each type of session includes a past life regression and a re-connection with your inner wisdom or higher self. Each will help reveal causes and will in turn empower you to make the necessary changes for your well being.

I guide my clients into a state of relaxation using the therapeutic tool of hypnosis (see below for more about hypnosis). With the body relaxing, the focus turns within where a deeper state of consciousness can be accessed, bringing forward an elevated sense of understanding. In this deep state of relaxation, the mind starts to relax and gently allows and trusts in the process so the inner senses can start the journey to observe and explore. I simply ask my clients what they see and feel, unfolding little by little the story and events. They are the observer, following the exploration in great faith and trust, knowing they are totally safe.

We are always connected with the lives we have lived before. They are a part of what we are today, a part of our nature and how we decide to experience this present life. We also carry the inheritance of our ancestors, not only their eyes but their experiences and their past lives. Some of our ancestor’s issues, which haven’t been totally healed in the past, and some of their experiences which we know nothing about, can still affect our lives. So you might be shown a life from your ancestor’s past, to be completely healed, not just for you but also for the next generations…

The past lives or sometimes the states of consciousness you are re-visiting or witnessing in a regression are not shown at random; you inner wisdom will take you exactly where you need to be, showing you what is appropriate for your healing at this time in your life. This gentle inner travel will also take you through your personal patterns and beliefs and will help you to re-connect with or feel closer to your own heart and inner wisdom, also called the higher self.

In truth, it is really a self-healing technique as all the answers are within you. And through your connection with this greater part of yourself during a session, you allow for a new awareness of who you deeply and really are.

Please note that having a past life regression is a commitment, not only on the day but for the next few days, weeks or even months. For a permanent change and healing to take place, you will need to listen to the recording as often as you can so you can regularly connect with and put in practice what came through. Changing a life time of habits and thought behaviours takes time and though spontaneous healing may occur during a session, you will still need the willingness to change and bring the new you into life.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis can be misunderstood; the idea can cause fears of losing control or giving your control away because of the way movies, for example, have depicted it. Reaching a deep state of relaxation doesn’t involve at all a letting go of your own control; nobody can force you into this state. In fact hypnosis is self hypnosis, simply a focus within.

During a session, your conscious mind is always aware of what you experience, you are not asleep, nor unconscious. There are different natural brain states we experience during our day to day life. You are in Alpha state (a hypnotic state) a lot of your waking time (eg when watching a movie, “day dreaming” ). The regression I work with uses the other hypnotic Theta state or even Gamma state. In the Theta state, experienced twice during your day—just before falling asleep and just the moment you wake up—you can recall deep experiences and bring understanding from your subconscious; it is a state where deep healing can happen. The Gamma state is often associated with feeling bliss and an extreme awareness of consciousness, a state some clients seem to experience.