Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session

QHHT stands for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and here I purely use the method created and taught by Dolores Cannon. I only work with the client in person. A typical session takes 4 to 5 hours, and has 2 distinct stages: the introduction and exploration and the hypnosis session.

Introduction and Exploration

Before the hypnosis part of the session, we will start by spending some time talking about you and what is happening in your life right now, your challenges, what your reasons are for wanting a session. We will also go through your list of question. During this part of the session, I sometimes offer a gentle visualisation to help you relax and connect with your inner vision. This part might take up to 2 hours.

The Hypnosis Part of the Session

I will gently guide you into this deep state of relaxation where you will allow, at your own rhythm, images or feelings to come through. You just need to let the images flow and develop; this is truly easy, all you need is an open mind; this process is divinely guided by your inner wisdom or higher self.

I will facilitate the session for you to experience one or more past lives or states of consciousness (some clients experience, for example, a purple or bright light, feeling wonderful and ready to trust the process). You will always be given what is most appropriate and helpful for you to see and know at this time in your life. Step by step, your soul memories will unfold to bring understanding, help and clarity on your path.

In the work I do, I always guide you to re-connect directly with your inner wisdom or higher self; sometimes your guides and angels might make them know to you. Through your own voice, inner feelings and visions, you will be able to receive answers to your questions, allowing for understanding, help and guidance. Remember you have all the answers within.

This part of the session normally takes around 2 hours.

After gently bringing you back into the here and now, we can take some time to discuss the answers that came through and go over any information that emerged. Very often clients feel rested and refreshed. Sometimes memories of the session fade quickly away, which is why I will give you a recording of the hypnosis part of the session.

For more information, please visit past life regression  and the official QHHT site.

A Few Examples of Questions

  • What changes can I make to feel healthier?
  • How can I trust my inner self? What is blocking me?
  • What are my gifts to the world?
  • Why am I so sad?
  • What are my aches etc..telling me?
  • What do I need right now in my life to make positive changes?

Please contact me if you have any questions or want to book a QHHT session.