Releasing Grief

Realeasing grief father and daughter

This is the second time I saw this client (one year passed between each session). She came back for a session after feeling very low for several weeks. She has allowed me to share with you part of her regression in which she released a massive amount of grief (she wasn’t ready for this in her first session). My questions and comments are in italics (… indicate pauses).

Among the two past lives that this client saw in her last regression, one was an experience of being a little entity (a very small one), popping up on earth to give its people a spark of love, which was her life purpose! The script of her session below starts with her in another life, pressing her human chest against another person.

  • we are pressing our chests together and ho! there is light that is shooting out!
  • light that is shooting out, from where?
  • from our chests!
  • and so where does the light go?
  • ho! just up, up and around!
  • and how does this feel?
  • it is like… like a release… it seems to unlock something and then it goes… from my chest… ho!
  • do you know what is being released?
  • (client now very emotional, crying) I think it is grief….
  • did you carry grief in the chest?
  • ho! yes, I think so (still crying)… I think it was too much for me to bare…too much for me to release it… when we pressed our chests together it released it
  • do you know who you pressed your chest with?
  • it is my father
  • how does your father look like?
  • he is a big man… but he has a great spirit… he is very powerful, very strong… he’s just a very strong soul… benevolent… you know… good… (client breathing deep and peacefully now)
  • now you release all that grief, is it to do with what happened with this father?
  • has he released something too?
  • yes it looks like it… together… we both released something… grief
  • do you know what his grief was about?
  • pains he caused people… but in some ways he was holding my grief too… but now, I think is more me that is releasing my grief, because he is… already… transcended (passed away)
  • has he done some released already?
  • he took it there (once transcended) to help me to release it… so much grief…ho! there was so much grief… so much, deep, deep, deep… (breathing very deep now)… it seems like it was all in red… like a maroon red… a blood coloured red..of the darkest red
  • you are very safe and you have done a great job, is it all gone now?

(a long pause)

  • it feels as… if there is any left… it is not a lot… and it is there only for me to sympathize with others
  • what do you mean exactly?
  • some empathy… but it was weighing me down also… there was too much of it, not just from my mum’s suicide but the pain of what I had as a child
  • it is all gone now…
  • yes! all of it or the very most of it is gone
  • wonderful
  • that side of thing… you know… it dries you up… but now the little bit that is left I can’t even call it grief, it is just something so I can understand and help others with
  • you can help people with their grief?
  • yes, maybe I can help children, healing… healing children

The client called me a few days later to tell me how light, empty and happy she felt.

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