Soul Portrait

A Soul Portrait is an amazing tool to remind you of who you are. Pictures can tell more than words, empowering you and giving you inspiration on your journey.

You ARE a beautiful creative soul, with a unique essence, purpose and vibration. A soul portrait will help you to connect with your inner beauty and true nature.

We will meet once or speak by phone or Skype (if it is a gift to someone, a photo is sufficient). Having asked your permission, I will later tune in and connect with your higher self for a soul reading. Your true nature is permanently connected to Source; it is always beautiful!

Next, I will start on the painting and very often more information comes through during this process. I often see an animal totem or animal spirit guides, sometimes a particular plant comes to my awareness, sometimes colours, mandalas, or geometric energy patterns. I draw and paint the energy impressions which I receive. Your Soul Portrait will never be a representation of your actual physical features. It will represent archetypes or symbols that came through. When I send your painting I will enclose a written description/explanation of your Soul Portrait.

Medium Mixed Media.
Size 40 cm x 40 cm x 4.2 cm deep (15.75 in x 15.75 in x 1.65 in deep).
Please contact me if you want a larger size painting.
Format Unframed Professional Cotton Canvas with Pro-Stretcher keys on warp resistant kiln-dried, FSC approved, heavy-duty pine.
Timescale From 1 to 2 months depending on my schedule.
Price £335 including package and posting in the UK.
Please contact me for international shipping prices.
Payment of the full balance is required in advance.
As these are very personal paintings, no refunds are available.

An Example of a Soul PortraitSoul Portrait of KM
If you would like to see my personal art gallery, click here.

My soul portrait and the explanation that accompanies it are, quite simply, my most treasured possessions.

You have an incredible gift of intuition, capturing so much of my life experience to date and desires for the future from merely a photograph and brief chat which was, frankly, wholly irrelevant to the information contained in my portrait!

You were then able to depict all of this in a beautiful, detailed and thought-provoking portrait which combined vibrancy and peace with a wonderful kaleidoscope of colour. The skilful images excite, justify and reassure simultaneously.

Studying the portrait alongside reading your letter of explanation is a particularly moving experience: you clearly put at least as much effort into the letter as the painting, and it really helps to understand the depths of all the information captured.

I am so grateful to you for such a special treasure – thank you!”