Soul Unity Regression Session

I use the same regression tools as a QHHT session but also draw on the unique regression technique of Brian Weiss. I have also added an Intuitive Energy Healing part after the actual regression. I find that the combination of a regression and an energy healing can be very effective. In the energy healing we will be working on issues and information that came through during the actual regression.

A typical session takes around 3 hours, and has 3 stages; a short introduction, a regression, and an intuitive healing session.


We will start by spending a bit of time getting to know each other. We will briefly go over what is happening in your life right now and what your reasons are for wanting a regression. During this part we will go through the questions you would like to ask your inner wisdom or higher self during the actual regression.

This part will take around 20 to 30 minutes.

The Hypnosis Part of the Session

I will gently guide you into this deep state of relaxation where you will allow, at your own rhythm, images and feelings to come through. As you access your soul memories, you will become the observer; this process is truly guided by your inner wisdom or higher self.

I facilitate the session for you to experience one or more past lives or states of consciousness (some clients, for example, experience a purple or bright light for a few minutes, feeling really wonderful and ready to trust the process). You will always be given what is most appropriate and helpful for you to see and know at this time in your life. Step by step your soul memories—this living library—will unfold to bring you understanding, help, and clarity on your path.

In the work I do, I always guide you to re-connect with your inner wisdom or higher Self; sometimes your guides and angels might made them known to you. Through your own voice, feelings and visions, you will be able to receive answers to your questions, allowing for even deeper understanding and guidance. Remember, you have all the answers within.

This part of the session normally take around 1 ½ hours.

Please see past life regression  for more information about this part of the session.

The Intuitive Energy Healing Part of the Session

After gently bringing you back into the here and now, we will start the intuitive energy healing part of this session. I will be your energy healing coach and we will connect with the divine Light and the loving healing energy of mother Earth to proceed with the healing.

Depending on what came up during the regression, the healing energy will flow and focus on specific areas in your body, energy field and chakras, unblocking the natural energy flow.

I act as a channel and so I might be guided to move my hands a few inches above your body. Sometimes, I am also guided to use crystals to amplify the healing. During or just after the session, I also share with you my perceptions of what I saw and any information that came through.

When this part is done, we will finish the Soul Unity session with a quick review. I often give my client some visualisation tips to practice at home. I will also give you the recording of the regression part of your session.

This part of the session takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Please see energy healing,  intuitive energy healing sessions and a rough guide to chakras for more information about this part of the session.

A Few Examples of Questions

  • What changes can I make to feel healthier?
  • How can I trust my inner self? What is blocking me?
  • What are my gifts to the world?
  • Why am I so sad?
  • What are my aches etc telling me?
  • What do I need right now in my life to make positive changes?