Yesterday was truly an amazing experience for me, thank you, Myriam, for making it possible!”

Thank you so much for our QHHT session – it was truly instrumental and deeply empowering for me, thank you! I appreciate all your energy and expertise throughout our meeting together. You have a soft, gentle strength in you, which is so striking!”

I have had healing sessions with Myriam several times now, each session brings me into a deeper understanding of myself. Even though gaining that understanding can sometimes be painful, I wholeheartedly believe that it is necessary in order to grow more fully into the essence of my being, that of love. I know it is in fact the one who goes for healing, that is ultimately doing the healing, but without a guide and facilitator like Myriam, I would be like a person learning to drive without an instructor. Myriam ceaselessly amazes me with her deep wisdom and intuition in our healing sessions. She has helped me immensely, for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you Myriam!!!”

Having a past life regression was an incredible egoless experience that opened my eyes to so much. I experienced insights into my soul’s journey that I would not have imagined in my wildest dreams. I am so grateful for this and it has helped me delve deeper into myself and life itself. Myriam is a wonderful facilitator into your soul’s journey; she is very gentle and non-judgemental. You feel utterly safe and free to let go. I highly recommend her. It blew my mind in such an amazing way.”

When I went to visit Myriam I wasn’t quite sure what would happen. Myriam was fantastic at making me feel comfortable and at ease. I went on some journeys where I visited significant places in my past that allowed me to see aspects of my life now and what I need to enable me. There was an issue with my intestines that had been with me for years. I found out when it happened and actually healed that area and now my bowel movement is much better that it ever has been. I highly recommend doing a past life regression! Myriam is a wonderful guide and very sensitive person. Thank you so much for enabling me to move forward in my life.”

The session that I had with you was extremely enlightening. The journey I went on in my mind was surprising, detailed and the impressions it left me with still stay. One significant physical effect has been quite remarkable, I have a fungal foot infection which affects one of my feet. Certain times of the year it comes very irritated, and during the session it was revealed to me the dietary changes which would improve the condition. On some level I already knew what would help the problem but the strength I gained during the session helped me to really stick with the abstinence from the problem food. I am so happy because my foot is the best its been for a long long time!

The hours passed by very quickly and this has been an amazing experience which has affected me deeply and profoundly. I really recommend Myriam and suggest approaching this practice with an open mind with no expectations on the result..Many thanks Myriam.”

The session was a very emotional journey, the visions and pictures so clear and profound. Your guidance and navigation were very sensitive as if you were there with me, helping to uncover a vision, like blowing sand off an archaeological find. I felt deeply peaceful for a long time after. Thank you.”

This was an extraordinary journey into the past in a deeply relaxed and safe atmosphere. Lots of surprises and new insights as Myriam led me skilfully through the process which seemed to go by very quickly! I sense that the information I gleaned from my session will feed into my current life… it explained a great deal about some of my current relationships! I felt totally safe throughout and able to access and share the images and sensations which arose. Thank you.”

…I was curious but not sure what to expect, but I am so thrilled that my session with you has opened up a huge amount of understanding and possibilities for me, which continue to unfold on a daily basis. Myriam, you have an approach that put me completely at ease, gently listening and questioning in a way that encouraged me to open up to things that I wasn’t aware of in my conscious mind, and that’s before we even started the actual regression!”

The session I had with you was very special. It opened a door to allow me to see and experience my life now in ways I had not expected. I now feel I am more aware of a greater perspective to my being, especially in my relationship to people I am close to in this life. I think this is the most valuable thing for me: To know that there is always a greater perspective to whatever seems to be the reality here and now. The patience, love and understanding that came through from my higher self has nourished me. This connection is something I now try to maintain.”

It was definitely a part of my programme of coming back into much fuller health after a long period of very difficult physical and emotional stress in my body. Healing the wounds of personal history. It was a sensitive balm, and I think you guided the journey with great delicacy, love and compassion, which in itself was part of the healing effect.”

When I first heard about these sessions, my impression was that it seemed interesting, but wasn’t for me, a bit to “fuzzy”. Yet having talked about it with someone who struck me as  not into “fuzzy” things, and who had had a session, I got intrigued.

Some aspects of my life were stuck and I realised that this may bring some clarity as to what is holding me back. I did feel that the session was able to help me access deeper parts in me that revealed wisdom I needed to see. I’m glad I didn’t let my first impression keep me from this experience. Thank you Myriam !!”