The Solar Plexus Chakra

wheat field glowing in the sun

This third chakra, often called the solar plexus chakra is located all around our stomach area and rules, not only the stomach, but also the pancreas, kidneys, adrenals, the middle spine/back, liver, gallbladder and the upper level of our intestines. It also works as our gut intuition and personal energetic bodyguard. This means that this chakra can help us feel if an outside situation is positive or not for us. (I explain, at the end of this post, how you can connect with and receive information from this chakra).

Each chakra represents an aspect of our consciousness and can also be highly receptive to any changes in our lives. The solar plexus chakra is our personal power centre where we find our sense of self, separated from inherited identity or beliefs patterns. It is also a place where our ego delves and where our self esteem is challenged. Physical problems in the area of that chakra could relate for example to issues like a low self esteem, a fear of lacking control or of losing respect or an over controlling attitude.

If we have difficulties making choices, and give personal decision making to outsiders (a partner or family member for example), we very probably have depleted energies in our solar plexus chakra. Listening to our gut feelings or intuition and making our own choices by acting on them is certainly a journey by itself! So working on the solar plexus chakra will help us to gain self confidence, self respect, and an attitude of compassion for ourselves. It will also teach us to regain trust in our intuition, bringing us a feeling of “I can do it” and probably opening a multiple of personal possibilities… Working on the solar plexus chakra will help us to have trust and courage in ourselves.

Your solar plexus chakra might not be working at its best if for example you experience some of the following: Do you blame others? Are you controlling? Are you often stressed? Do you fear crowds? Do you lack boundaries? Are you hypersensitive? Do you lack self discipline? Or are you confused in your decisions? Do you have chronic fatigue? Do you have digestive problems?…

Our inner power and self esteem, nicely balanced, will lead us to recognize our unity with the Whole. Through the next chakra up, the heart centre chakra, where we manifest love and compassion, we travel to our higher chakras located in our physical body (throat, third eye and crown chakras), to acknowledge our truth and wisdom, our oneness and our cosmic connection. But without a solid and constant balanced solar plexus chakra, connecting fully and truly with universal love can, and very often does remain a struggle…We often swing from a fairly balanced (at given moments!) to an unbalanced chakra…

A powerful way to heal a chakra and to gain information about the state of a chakra, is to sit quietly and bring your awareness to that area of the body. Here, the solar plexus area:

As you relax and breathe more slowly and deeply, still holding your focus in that space, ask yourself what is the main emotion you carry in that part of the body? Try not to judge what might come through. After assessing the emotion, you might want to release it, so just say: I disconnect from the feeling of………. now. Then continue by asking for the sacred energy of that chakra to balance and heal that space, while you also bless the experience with feeling of love, gratitude and thankfulness….Try this every day J

In healing and love x